Friday, September 5, 2008

Farewell Summer!

Beware...the following post has ALOT of pictures. With another summer gone and school back in session...I thought I would post some pictures of the summertime fun the kids had.

Yes....Isaac is quite the ham!

We got a lot of mileage out of the trampoline...

The sprinkler ball was a big hit!

Josie thought hangin' in just the diaper was great!

Water from the sprinkler ball tasted yummy!!!

Swinging is always a popular pass time!

Isaac improved greatly on his driving skills...

and was a good big brother to let Josie ride along!

Snake grass is cooool!

Both Hannah and Isaac were on their scooters all the time!

Ahhh, boys and dirt...need I say more.

Sidewalk chalk is a favorite of Josie's!

We had fun this summer, and are sad to be at the end of it...but I am so over the hot weather and can't wait for the pretty fall colors and cooler temperatures! On a side note...although I love my children greatly, I must say it was about time that school started! The last few weeks we were all getting on each others nerves and it is nice to have at least some time apart!

just a little easy listening!